Who is club mob?


Looking to book an amazing flash mob? Club Mob is the original surprise dance act - a group of professional dancers and performers who have taken the flash mob concept and keep it original and unique, every time. We go undercover at special events, weddings, parties & venues across the UK and internationally and perform high-impact, amazing dance routines, sometimes accompanied by incredible live singers and musicians. Want some help organising your own flash mob? Let us know and we can use our wealth of knowledge to consult on everything involved, from ideas, to music mixes, to logistics, to choreography.

With teams based in London and Manchester, when you hire a flash mob with Club Mob, you get a bespoke service from the performers themselves - we sure know how to make an impact! We've created unique surprises for over 100 events since we launched and pride ourselves on our imagination, professionalism and sense of fun. Contact us to book or enquire about one of our special performances - and check out our Flash Mob Blog for more insights on our dancers and work!

'Totally marvellous, extremely well organised and professional, great fun, and totally original. We just need to find another excuse for a big party so we can use Club Mob again!' 

 Alison Boothman, private party client