Surprise Entertainment comes in many forms...!

Hi guys! Alex here, director of Club Mob. Back in December we were part of such a beautiful and unusual surprise that I just had to share it with you! A few months ago I got a call from the wonderful Daisy from The Proposers (a proposal and romantic events company). The brief was help recreate, shot for shot, McFly's video 'Love is Easy' as a surprise for Junella, a huge McFly fan - using 50+ props, and her friends, family and fiance as crew and cast...LIVE. Simple...right? Check out the performance we were recreating below....

Ok, we were being pretty ambitious. The entire cast lived in the USA and Hong Kong so couldn't come to London until the day before the performance, the 50+ props had to be almost entirely handmade, we picked the 28th December when most theatres and studios are closed, and to top it all off, we were using a live band so that the fiance, Patrick, could sing the song live! And we would only get ONE real shot at this. But if The Proposers and Club Mob have one main thing in common, it's that WE LOVE A CHALLENGE. 

Some of the initial props, and the brilliant Hoxton Hall theatre

Some of the initial props, and the brilliant Hoxton Hall theatre

Daisy and her team set to making the props and securing the theatre - my job was to plan out, second for second, the choreography and plan out where and when each of the props would be needed, and by who. 

Daisy & Co particularly had a lot of fun with the bird costumes.

Daisy & Co particularly had a lot of fun with the bird costumes.

The commitment from The Proposers, Patrick, and Junella's friends and family was incredible to see. The main players rehearsed for a solid 4 hours with me the day before the performance, running through 1 minute of umbrella choreography over and over. Practice makes perfect...after that rehearsal they made the swift entrances, exits and spinning around the stage look effortless. Patrick's singing was spot on, and we all felt confident going into the final day.

The amazing home made props by Daisy and The Proposers

The amazing home made props by Daisy and The Proposers

And what organised chaos the performance day was!  Here are some shots during the dress rehearsal, side by side with McFly's original...

And then came the moment! Junella was led into the theatre, under the guise of a 'dining experience' kicked off and everyone was absolutely perfect. She gasped and of course cried, recognising the video and the song from the first bar - it was one of the quickest 3 minutes I've ever seen. The star of the night was Patrick with his brilliant rendition of the song - and the sneaky boy hadn't told anyone that it was in fact his birthday!! Watch the amazing performance in full below...

We ALL had a surprise after this, even Daisy and myself, when he showed all of us a video from Harry from McFly, congratulating them both on their recent engagement and wishing them luck remaking the video, which he admitted had taken days and days to originally film. He even invited Junella to give him a call should Patrick fail to pull it off...a joke, I'm sure!

Myself, Patrick, Daisy, Sam and the Proposer's and Hoxton's theatre team after the show

Myself, Patrick, Daisy, Sam and the Proposer's and Hoxton's theatre team after the show

So this just shows you that a little ambition can go a long way. There were times when we all doubted whether it could be done, but with some expert advice and A LOT of planning - and of course, some CONFETTI, no Club Mob job would be complete without it - a bit of surprise entertainment can be anything you want it to be. 

For help planning your next romantic event or proposal, contact The Proposers here!

As for your surprise entertainment, contact us at Club Mob for a free quote, we'd love to hear from you.

#YesMob2017 - Valentine's Flash Mob Proposal Event!

Looking to get engaged next year? We get so many enquiries about proposal flash mobs, that we have joined up with fellow flash mob company Top Secret Agent to bring you a very special event. Valentine's Day 2017 will be an incredible day in London, because we're inviting couples from all around the country that want to get engaged, to join us in a huge joint flash mob proposal - #YesMob2017!

So if you're planning to pop the question, why not be part of something unforgettable - we'll supply the bubbles! 

To register your interest, please fill out the form below - we'll send over more info at the beginning of 2017!

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Club Mob are the experts in the unexpected, and have been providing bespoke surprise proposals all over the country since we launched in 2014. Check out a few of our beautiful bespoke proposals below!

It was fantastic , I’ve never seen my partner as happy as she was last night. Absolute pleasure working with has not only made me and my fiancé happy, but our friends and family as well!
— Rushil, Southbank Proposal
I can’t even put into words how I feel about what you’ve done for us, you and your team will stay in my memories forever - your understanding of what I wanted to achieve is incredible!
— Simon, Beneath Your Beautiful Proposal
Club Mob is indeed 5 stars+! They made my wedding proposal the most beautiful moment of our lives!
— Andrea, South Kensington Proposal

And if a joint proposal isn't your thing and you'd prefer something more like the above, visit our Contact Page and drop us a line, for a free consultation to discuss some ideas!


8 Amazing Ways to Start a Flash Mob

Surprises come in many forms, whether it's for a loved one, your employees, or you guests at your wedding!

Ever wondered how to start a flash mob? When you've done as many surprise performances as we have, you start to build up a LIBRARY of creative ways to start them off in your head. I've come up with some of these, my dancers others - but we love it the most when a client gets creative and suggests a unique way to begin one of our flash mobs. Here are just a few recent and most popular ideas here, for you to have a think about for your next event!

1. The Classic Drink Spillage

Our most popular 'ruse!' As most of the time our surprise dancers go undercover as dancing waiters, one of the best ways we've found to start our mobs is via a spectacular drinks spillage. A realistic tumble + a glass of wine + a temperamental waitress = a ruckus that is bound to get the whole room looking in their direction! Don't believe our bestseller in action here...


At many a wedding, our dancing waiters are tasked by the bride and groom to take the focus off their first dance. In this wicked beginning, we wait until the happy couple have been dancing a minute or two, then one of our waiters asks to 'cut in' to dance with the bride. His fellow waitress, who reveals herself as actually his girlfriend, goes a little jealous-crazy over which they then apologise for their behaviour to the crowd, the music starts, and they begin to dance!

3. The Balloon Birthday Gift

We can tailor our birthday surprises for kids too!

We can tailor our birthday surprises for kids too!

A lovely way we've started birthday flash mobs in the past is for a single dancer to approach the birthday girl or guy in the street and give them a bunch of balloons - they are delighted and perplexed, and when we mention we have something else for them too, the music starts and the other dancers pop out of nowhere! We've even done this once with a load of surprise dancers bringing the birthday guy a different coloured balloon each - visually stunning, and a great memory and gift.

After a 50th birthday flash mob on London's Southbank!

After a 50th birthday flash mob on London's Southbank!

4. The Busker's Song

Romance isn't dead if Club Mob has anything to do with it! We've timed a proposal flash mob to start exactly when the couple walk past in the street, when they hear a busker singing their 'song'. They stop to listen, as do some others - then one by one, members of the crowd join in with the song, harmonising beautifully, and a violinist pops out of nowhere...this idea works best with our new singing team but can also work with a more upbeat number and some dancers!

5. The Menu Item

Devised by an amazingly creative client who wanted to propose in a very unique way, we had the restaurant print special dessert menus that had an extra on them -  'Beneath Your Beautiful.' She noticed the additional 'dessert' straight away - when she ordered it, the music began from a hidden speaker, the waiters got out microphones to sing the duet, and a couple eating next to them started a beautiful contemporary dance routine. Stunning! Watch it here.

6. The Toast

The toast going wrong...

Our big finish!


A variation on the drinks spillage, this takes the shock to new heights! We've worked with CEOs so that during their big speech, they go to make a 'toast' and ask the waiting staff for a glass of wine. Two rush on to deliver it, collide and the spectacular spillage and argument ensues, in front of the whole wide-eyed crowd! We've even done this at a wedding where the father of the bride (in on the surprise) announced that he had been saving a bottle of wine for 30 years to open on this day...imagine the guests horror when that glass of wine is chucked all over the place! But the horror is replaced by relief and amazement when we reveal ourselves...a winning contrast!

The shock!

7. The Show Gone Wrong

Our crew member and secret singer start a flash mob...

A brilliant ruse for a corporate or birthday event where there is a DJ and tech team - a 'singer' is welcomed to the stage and begins, but her music keeps going wrong and messing up, much to everyone's embarrassment. A few tech guys go on to help...but then a completely different song starts, and they all kick into a perfectly synchronised routine, joined later by some of the guests at the party! 

8. The Toastmaster

Our singing waiters, toastmaster and guests flash mobbed this beautiful wedding in June

Our singing waiters, toastmaster and guests flash mobbed this beautiful wedding in June

Again, a creative bride's idea! This June we went so far as planting a toastmaster - he organised all the photos, and rushed all the guests here there and everywhere. And when he announced he had a little something special prepared for the bride and groom and got out a microphone, the crowd cringed - but their jaws dropped when he started expertly beatboxing, and then singing guests and waiters came out of nowhere for a surprise performance that knocked the groom's socks off! See it here...

Bride and groom's reaction!

Bride and groom's reaction!

Hope this gives you some ideas of how we can make your wedding, birthday or corporate event really stand out! If you've got an idea in mind you want to discuss, drop us a line on our contact page. There's nothing we like more than getting creative with our surprises!

London’s most Innovative Parties and Venues

Phew, it's been a while since our last post...too much partying maybe? Dancers know how to party. But as we’re in the business of fun and original entertainment, we like a little more creativity these days then the standard drinks+music combo - a night out has to have something extra to keep our short attention spans entertained! So we thought we’d share with you our top 5 innovative parties and venues - we’ve also performed at all but one of these fantastic nights, so who knows, you may catch us there again if you take our advice…


5. Guanabara

This slick, soho venue is not only an unusual space, but it also puts a lot of weight on live entertainment, and the food here is fantastic. Ticks all the boxes, especially if you love the latin - it’s a brazillian themed venue, so you can often find Brazilian entertainment acts…and we had a fantastic time performing there last summer.

The Main Room

The Main Room

Club Mob performing at Guanabara

Club Mob performing at Guanabara


4. Evans and Peel

This ‘detective agency’ speakeasy bar may be a little on the pricey side, but so worth the experience and a perfect place to bring out-of-towners. Without wanting to ruin too many surprises, there is no sign over E&P’s door, and you must make an appointment with the detectives before arriving - they’ll let you in, but only after a short interrogation about your ‘case’ will you be allowed into the real bar to drink. Leave your inhibitions at the door with these guys - and try some of their sliders. Delicious.

Sums up the speakeasy perfectly!

Sums up the speakeasy perfectly!


3. Regression Sessions

After working with the Regression Sessions founders in October 2014, we knew we had to go on a night out to give them a try - as the name implies, they’re all about reliving your childhood, but in a fun, boozy, adult sense. The venue changes from event to event but is always Narnia-like — with multiple rooms for different moods - even ball-parks, face painters and space hoppers have featured. And look out for live entertainment - we performed at a Halloween night there, and after dancing grabbed an ‘audience member’ out of the crowd and ‘killed’ them live - when RS let us do that, we knew they were cool.

One of RS's classic ball pits

One of RS's classic ball pits


2. KOKO, Camden

Our favourite permanent venue in London has to be KOKO. It holds a special place in our heart as Club Mob’s first ever performance was there in 2014 for University College London. An old theatre with levels all over the place, you can get lost in there for hours. And call us old, but we actually like having room to dance, and KOKO never feels too full and packed. Drinks are super affordable as well - although be careful which night you go - certain ‘live’ nights have questionable bands. But you can’t go wrong with Club NME, Annie Mac, Button-Down-Disco and Antics nights.

Our first ever performance, at KOKO

Our first ever performance, at KOKO

KOKO's dramatic entrance

KOKO's dramatic entrance


1. The Mansion

Ssshhh. The Mansion’s parties are very exclusive. With their formula of secrecy, you won’t know where you’re going until the day of the party…adding to the intrigue of the night. Like Regression Sessions, they source their venues well, and transform them into a maze of whimsy, with a different variation of a theme in every room, and enough entertainment to keep you intrigued until the wee hours. But get in quick as they only hold 2 or 3 parties a year. Seriously. That’s how good they are.

Our sexy dancers at the Mansion last year

Our sexy dancers at the Mansion last year

One of the amazing Mansion venues

One of the amazing Mansion venues

Meet The Team - UPDATED!

Some of our originals at Milton Keyne's MOTUS Dance Festival last summer

Club Mob is a group that is run by dancers, to keep the creative talent the centre of everything we do. In February this year we doubled our team with 9 new, shiny humans full of gorgeousness, and this Autumn we took on two more, so we thought it was time to introduce the world to our whole handpicked, tight-knit team of professionals... a bunch of unique, crazy and hardworking fools!

Planning The Perfect Proposal Flash Mob

We get a lot of proposal enquiries here at Club Mob, and it’s one of our favourite types of flash mob. Surprising your partner with a special performance just before you pop the question is bound to be a fantastic memory and story to tell for the rest of your lives together, especially if the performance is tailored to the two of you. The blog this week is a case study of our latest successful surprise proposal to help inspire anyone who is thinking of popping the question!

So let’s simplify this. You need three things in order to create the perfect proposal flash mob. Venue, vision, and talent.

From the moment I first spoke to Simon, I liked him very much. He was passionate, direct and creative - literally the most perfect qualities you can have in a client. Over the next two and a half months, we developed together a plan that would turn out to be our most beautiful and elaborate performance so far. Here is an insight into our process...

The Dining Room at the Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa

The Dining Room at the Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa


Simon had the perfect venue from the get go. The Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa is an absolute fairytale (check them out, you can book a TREEHOUSE suite) and they turned out to be wonderful partners in crime - if a little wary of our crazy plans at first, once they understood how classy and tasteful the performance was designed to be, they got completely behind it. When you’re planning a proposal flash mob, the WHERE is a huge factor. Inside, or outside? Public, or more private? If private, we can work with the venue to make sure they’re on board and helping us with those little details, so that we get away with whatever characters we are playing before we perform.


And then there’s the vision. How do you see the flash mob being performed? A romantic, customised piece to your favourite couple song? How about something more upbeat…or making her (or him, I should say, especially on a leap year!) think that the flash mob is for something completely different, and reveal at the end that it’s actually all for them? Did you want to join in with the mob and have it full of friends and family, or completely leave it to professionals until the moment where you get down on one knee? If you don’t really have a vision (or maybe it’s just a bit blurry!) talk to us. Our free phone consultations are designed to brainstorm some ideas to get you inspired and planning. 

Simon came to me with his vision - and it was centred around ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ - their song. His initial enquiry requested a singing flash mob - being a singer myself, I knew we could provide this. But as dance is our speciality, I started to think about how we could bring the two mediums together. 


So I began to think about the talent - and that’s where as a client you wouldn’t need to worry, as we definitely can take care of that. We have our varied team of handpicked, professional dancers with amazing credits in TV, film, and the West End - and a huge network of singers, musicians and specialist acts. For Simon I worked with the fantastic Pierrot Obi (of London City Soul, the most amazing soul trio) to be the Labryinth to my Emelie Sande, and got on board the incredibly talented Oktam Violin to add some live music into the mix. And then the showstopper - our amazing contemporary dancers, Jack Dyche and Heather Irving (here’s some of their other work), choreographed a bespoke piece to the song. Here’s some really funny rehearsal footage of a bit of an accident with their makeshift table prop….

Remember, you know your partner more than anyone. You know how they might react to the unexpected, and the best ways to get by them without them suspecting! Another major part of our plan was how we surprised Shelley - she used to work in the events industry, and had seen surprise entertainers before, so it would have to be a really clever ruse to draw her in. Pierrot and I posed as waiters, waiting on the pair for their entire meal (we had training in silver service and borrowed uniforms from the Chewton Glen). As they started mains, a couple entered the restaurant and sat at a table nearby - our undercover contemporary dancers. We had the room rigged with some hidden cameras beforehand - and two videographers and a violinist sat on the third table, as Simon and Shelley were given dessert menus. The dessert menu was a beautiful idea of Simon’s - specially printed by the hotel just for Shelley a week before, it had all the regular desserts, and an additional ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ option. 

As soon as Shelley saw it, she knew he’d done something - although still had no idea what! Pierrot waited patiently to take her order - she of course ordered the Beneath Your Beautiful. The music began (from a hidden speaker we'd place earlier) and we began to sing (Shelley began to cry almost straight away, and I must confess, my voice was shaky with emotion seeing that!). Midway through entered the violinist, and just after him, the dancers started to dance - and when it was all over, it was time for Simon to deliver the final surprise - a Tiffany’s engagement ring. Here’s the full video below…

It was a wonderfully rewarding experience being a part of Simon and Shelley’s engagement story, so much so that I felt I just had to share it. Here was some of Simon’s feedback about his experience with Club Mob:

I can’t even put into words how I feel about what you and your team have done for us. You and your team will stay in our memories forever and ever! Your understanding of what I wanted to achieve is incredible. You simply understood me and made my dream come true.’

It’s all about conveying your love to someone in your unique way - whether that’s with an element of humour, pure romance, or just plain fun.

So if you’re looking for the perfect surprise proposal that is customised to suit the pair of you, get in touch.

Our 5 Favourite 2015 Flash Mobs

We’ve had an amazing 2015 at Club Mob, and it's looking like 2016 is going to be even busier. So before we get too far into the new year, I wanted to reflect on our top 5 favourite jobs from last year - let’s start a blog tradition! So counting down from 5 to number 1:

5 - A Flower Flash Mob

Choreographing and mixing a flash mob medley based around flowers was never going to be easy, but actually, thanks to the amazing Lucie Kerley and Grow Wild team at Kew Gardens providing me a list of tracks to choose from (they really did their research!) I had a wonderful time mixing together the final track, which included (get ready for some serious gardening puns): FLOWERS by Sweet Female Attitude (an absolute 90s anthem), WILD Ones by Flo Rida, Walking on SUNSHINE, and Shake, Rattle and Roll…..’what does that have to do with flowers?’ I hear you ask…well, when you change the lyrics to Shake, Rattle and SOW of course! We had such a laugh on this one!

Throwing in some seriously cool bits of face paint and costume design, this was a welcome change from doing a performance in a waiter’s outfit! The kind and lovely team from Kew Gardens gave us such creative license, and the wonderful Jen at Jen’s Creations brought our makeup ideas to life in a wonderful way. Enjoy the video summary of the event here.

4 - Single Ladies in St Tropez

When three girls get to spend half a week in the stunning St Tropez to perform for a gorgeous lady’s 40th Birthday, it feels like a fairytale come true. The wonderful client Alison Boothman and her family made us feel so welcome (we stayed in a separate apartment in their home) and we spent the time that we weren’t performing sunning ourselves by the pool!

When the party rolled around, we surprised the guests by interrupting Alison’s big speech with a SPECTACULAR red wine spillage all over one of the ‘waitresses’….we then all revealed our hidden, Beyonce leotards! We ended our second performance by jumping straight into the pool…despite being underwater for the rapturous applause, we were assured when dried off that it was a brilliant way to end it. An unforgettable job.

3 - Red Bull’s Wings For Life

To be put in charge of a £13,000 budget to make a 30 second video wasn’t something we were entirely expecting in our first year, but we rose to the challenge and in conjunction with PITCH Media, we booked Battersea Park and successfully filmed our first ever non-dance flash mob. With a cast of 60+ extras, we sprung out and cheered random runners on, and though months in the making, the day of filming was a lot of fun with some fantastic people - and all for a good cause. See the final Wings for Life promo here.

2 - Baby Announcement 

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.15.50.jpg

In conjunction with Top Secret Agent, our new partners in crime, this idea sounded bizarre at first - a lady wanting to announce she was pregnant to her husband! But it turned out to be the most touching, heartwarming flash mob we’ve ever done, and the client Sandra learnt the end of our flash mob dance so brilliantly - and then, with true style, whipped out her pregnancy test! If you only watch one of the videos in this list, make it this one. But have the tissues ready!

1 - A Proposal flash mob on Southbank

Our first ever proposal flash mob was our absolute top favourite of the year. The lovely Rushil was an absolute darling to work with, and commissioned the brilliant ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars for his special moment. Kiran, his girlfriend, didn’t suspect that it was for her at all, until the minute he got down on one knee at the end! You can hear the crowd’s realising what’s going on, and their claps and cheers move from us to Rushil, and Kiran’s reaction is absolutely fantastic. Bring on all the proposals, as our 100% yes record continues into 2016… the proposal video here.

So those are our faves from 2015! Stay tuned for our next entry, a case study of the perfect proposal flash mob!

Blog Beginnings: What is a Flash Mob?

It's amazing how, due to huge marketing schemes over recent years, the term flash mob has made it's way into our vocabulary. But aren't we glad it has! The phenomenon of a 'flash mob' is defined as 'as group of people who assemble suddenly and perform an unusual or seemingly pointless act before quickly dispersing' - but the ones we have come to know, love and most respond to, are mobs that provide some sort of entertainment, whether that be music, singing, dance, or a fantastic combo of all three.

As for 'seemingly pointless' - the beauty of most flash mobs today is that the 'seemingly pointless' dances and performances actually have a great deal of 'point' behind them - and these points are almost always overwhelming positive. To show someone birthday love, to propose, to announce, to celebrate, to promote in an unusual way - today's flash mobs are artistic positive expressions. And we couldn't be happier to be involved in the trend! For modern dancers, the chance to get your choreography seen by people who wouldn't normally go to a dance show, and actually put a message of love and originality behind a performance, is a  rare and rewarding opportunity. And Club Mob are looking forward to another successful year doing just that!