Blog Beginnings: What is a Flash Mob?

It's amazing how, due to huge marketing schemes over recent years, the term flash mob has made it's way into our vocabulary. But aren't we glad it has! The phenomenon of a 'flash mob' is defined as 'as group of people who assemble suddenly and perform an unusual or seemingly pointless act before quickly dispersing' - but the ones we have come to know, love and most respond to, are mobs that provide some sort of entertainment, whether that be music, singing, dance, or a fantastic combo of all three.

As for 'seemingly pointless' - the beauty of most flash mobs today is that the 'seemingly pointless' dances and performances actually have a great deal of 'point' behind them - and these points are almost always overwhelming positive. To show someone birthday love, to propose, to announce, to celebrate, to promote in an unusual way - today's flash mobs are artistic positive expressions. And we couldn't be happier to be involved in the trend! For modern dancers, the chance to get your choreography seen by people who wouldn't normally go to a dance show, and actually put a message of love and originality behind a performance, is a  rare and rewarding opportunity. And Club Mob are looking forward to another successful year doing just that!