Our Best of 2018 - Bringing the Wow Factor!

We simply can’t believe what an amazing year 2018 was. You’ll see from our lack of blog posting that we’ve been VERY busy… and what better way to show you our highlights than with this fantastic video…!

We’ve done flash mobs in 2018 for huge companies such as Disney, Google, Mini Cooper, Marriott, M&S, Dominos, Unilever and TripAdvisor - and we’ve helped countless couples get engaged, get married, and celebrated birthdays with even more!

Club Mob surprises have gone viral too - we had 15 million views on our YouTube Channel last year, and gained over 60K subscribers too! And we couldn’t have done that without people like you who follow our work. Thank you so much for your continued support, stay tuned for an incredible 2019, and keep surprising people!

Alex, MJ & the Club Mob Team xx